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TRIATHLON. All athletes who participate in the triathlon training program are required to become members of IST triathlon through membership with Triathlon Victoria. We are affiliated as register training squad, not a club.

CYCLING. Athletes who train in the Para Sports Porgram for Track and Road cycling must be members of a Cycling Victoria Club, with our members encouraged to join Preston Cycling Club due to our affiliation with them.

SWIMMING. Athletes over 18 who wish to swim with IST Club, need to become members of the club through affiliation with Masters Swimming Victoria. All masters swimming competitions require membership with MSV.


As an organisation affiliated with Triathlon Victoria, we have both trained in and follow the Child Protection mandate from Triathlon Australia. Liz Gosper and Archer both recently (2020) participated in the 2-day training session.

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IST athletes gain the benefits of insurance cover through their membership with the National Sporting Organisations (NSO) which is one of the reasons we require membership to the peak body in each of the sports in which we participate.

Membership: FAQ
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