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IST provides a Pathway to students and post school students to train, prepare and participate in Multiclass mainstream events such: Triathlons and Duathlons, School Sports Victoria Cross Country, Track and Field, Swimming events, Cycling Victoria Inclusion racing, and Athletics Australia competitions.

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IST trains school age athletes on a Wednesday afternoon, and post school athletes on a Thursday evening.

Once IST swimmers reach the age of 18 they can join the IST Masters Swimming Club and compete in mainstream competition - this requires the ability to swim technically correct strokes as it is aligned with the world swimming organisation FINA.


IST athletes learn to cycle at Saturday morning training, developing their skills in a safe environment.

As cyclists develop more opportunities arise, with the highest level of cyclists competing at National Road and Track events, as well as in Virtus International competitions. Our independent riders are members of Preston Cycling Club.


IST trains all athletes in running, with Saturday morning sessions split into different ability groups.

As with the cycling program, those runners who have the capacity to compete in mainstream races are able to run in School Sports Australia events and can join Old Xaverians Athletics Club.

Training: Amenities
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